Facebook Bug?

If you have a Facebook account, try to type the default phrase you see on your wall writing area (in swedish, the logg area).

If your Facebook is in english, it should be, “What´s on your mind?”

In swedish it should say in your Logg, “Vad gör du just nu?”

Then try to “share” (“dela”) it.

Makes me wonder why it won’t register in the system?

Also, now that I saw the swedish version, it is interesting that the english “what’s on your mind?” has the counterpart phrase, “vad gör du just nu?” in swedish, which is translated to “what are you doing right now?”

“What are you doing right now?” is a rather stupid question to pose on facebook, I’d say. Because the smart aleck in me will of course write, “Facebooking, what else you nincompoop!”

Perhaps this “asking the obvious” is another swedish thing that I have yet to understand.

Addendum: You can get around the bug by changing the language settings first into another language then write the phrase in your own language. Then you can impress all your facebook friends that you are sharing the phrase they all see anyway on their walls. Sounds stupid and meaningless, right? Well that’s the point. LOL. 

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