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Tight Ass Swedes

I would normally leave the whinings about Swedish ways to either Smek This! or to The Hairy Swede, but this time I just cannot help it as I’ve also experienced how the Swedes can really be such tight asses, as … Continue reading

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Tags Galore!

I was recently tagged (or “challenged” as the swedish bloggers put it) by three different blogmates about three different subjects. I’ll try to be fair so I’ll do each one on a “first come, first served” basis within this week … Continue reading

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Halloween Costume

Some colleagues decided that we are going to have a Halloween party. (So, who says people working in the lab are boring, huh?) The party will be this Friday and the theme is EVIL. I thought of showing up without … Continue reading

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Cryptography 101

[–start encryption–] Dear SweetiePie, I hope EGYPT! I saw you in the gym today. INDIA. You are really KENYA. I know FRANCE but I hope we NEPAL. I HOLLAND because ITALY very much. Oh, LIBYA! Don’t believe them that I’m … Continue reading

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Halloween Ghost (Not For The Faint of Heart)

Alone. One autumn day. Mist all over. So thick she hears nothing. But the silence of fear. Coming from the woods. Heavy footsteps. Of a man. An evil man. Eyes red with fury. He took her by the hair. Her … Continue reading

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The Nervous Heart of A Young Man in Love

In my ever shrinking free-time, I dabble with a kind of poetry that is heavily influenced by the use of computer. It is called digital poetry. Here is one, written in Tagalog, entitled “Tibok ng Puso”. English translation follows.   … Continue reading

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Seven Truths About MOGLi

On this post, Maravillosa “challenged” me to tell seven truths about MOGLi and pass this on to seven new individuals.. §1. MOGLi is only a cyber-ego of this blog’s author, ergo, MOGLi does not exist for real. §2. Corollary to … Continue reading

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Sex, Prostitutes in Stations, Fuck Village, Cunt Crackers and the Swedish Language

Ok, the title is quiet misleading as is the subject of this entry which is about some Swedish words that when literally translated to English would mean a lot different. The first one of course is SEX. In Swedish, “sex” … Continue reading

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Gang Bang

There’s some construction going on at my workplace and a temporary pathway (gångbana in swedish)  leading to my building was built. Here is the way out: And here is the way in, after some smart-ass vandalized the sign: No wonder … Continue reading

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No Party To Go To?

Tonight? Then don’t despair, at least if you live here in Göteborg. Save your night for tomorrow (13 October, Saturday) as there will be a dance/mingle party at  Sal A, Axel Dahlströms Torg in Högsbo at around 7 PM. It … Continue reading

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