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Peer Pressure

This is a tag from Smek This (click on his name in the comment field- i hope he leaves a comment, LOL!). The title of this entry stems from the fact that I felt pressured to do his tag right at … Continue reading

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I Need a Strong Hair Conditioner

Like what this dude is using: Pretty strong, huh? I don’t recall any of my entries telling the story why I chose MOGLI as my screen name in this blog. Well first of all, it is supposed to be spelt … Continue reading

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Blonde or Brunette?

Unlike my blog-buddy Smek This, I do like beer. There is this one little pub somewhere in Gothenburg where I usually hang out with friends. The place is that kind with mellow ambiance frequented by people with calm disposition. A … Continue reading

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Alien Extraordinaire part I

I was at the Swedish Migration Board renewing my resident permit when I was told that I’m now eligible to be a Swedish citizen. Man in Black: Mr. Mogli, I see from your records that you can now be given … Continue reading

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How to Cook Like Gordon Ramsay

“Take two eggs and fuck off!” LOL! Interesting commentary here.

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Great Phrases from Politicians

The following phrases uttered by politicians might be useful to you when you find yourself in a desperate situation where you know you must admit head on that you have done wrong, lied or is just plain ignorant of whatever … Continue reading

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More on Poverty, Population, and the Right to Fuck for Pleasure

A documentary was shown last night in the Swedish channel TV2 entitled Manila’s Forgotten Children, produced by a French filmmaker by the name of Olivier Delacroix. Having seen first hand the appalling living condition in Manila’s slum area, I was … Continue reading

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