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Peer Pressure

This is a tag from Smek This (click on his name in the comment field- i hope he leaves a comment, LOL!). The title of this entry stems from the fact that I felt pressured to do his tag right at … Continue reading

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I Need a Strong Hair Conditioner

Like what this dude is using: Pretty strong, huh? I don’t recall any of my entries telling the story why I chose MOGLI as my screen name in this blog. Well first of all, it is supposed to be spelt … Continue reading

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Blonde or Brunette?

Unlike my blog-buddy Smek This, I do like beer. There is this one little pub somewhere in Gothenburg where I usually hang out with friends. The place is that kind with mellow ambiance frequented by people with calm disposition. A … Continue reading

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Alien Extraordinaire part I

I was at the Swedish Migration Board renewing my resident permit when I was told that I’m now eligible to be a Swedish citizen. Man in Black: Mr. Mogli, I see from your records that you can now be given … Continue reading

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How to Cook Like Gordon Ramsay

“Take two eggs and fuck off!” LOL! Interesting commentary here.

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Great Phrases from Politicians

The following phrases uttered by politicians might be useful to you when you find yourself in a desperate situation where you know you must admit head on that you have done wrong, lied or is just plain ignorant of whatever … Continue reading

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More on Poverty, Population, and the Right to Fuck for Pleasure

A documentary was shown last night in the Swedish channel TV2 entitled Manila’s Forgotten Children, produced by a French filmmaker by the name of Olivier Delacroix. Having seen first hand the appalling living condition in Manila’s slum area, I was … Continue reading

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“Glow in the Dark” wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

“To see, is to believe.” That is one of the many mantras of scientific inquiry. Although many scientific theories do not require visual proof, a picture is still worth a thousand words. For molecular biologists, being able to see literally … Continue reading

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On Unrequited Love or Peanut Butter?

“Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” -Charlie Brown

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Day of the Cinnamon Roll and the Swedish Paradox

Yes, my friends! Today, the 4th of October, is the day when the Swedes celebrate this yummy pastry: It is a pretty new “tradition” in Sweden only officially instituted in 1999 by the Swedish Council of Home Bakeries. Yes, there’s … Continue reading

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