Ass Prof

Ok, this has nothing to do with HGG, the kick assprof with 4-body problem, as I’m sure she finds amusement in labeling herself with that academic title.

What I’m not sure though is whether the guest researcher which my department invited from abroad would appreciate it.

On the door announcing this guest researcher’s lecture:

This is a typical SweEnglish mistake, when the Swedes use swedish expression/words within the context of the english language.

In the university hierarchy of english-speaking countries (primarily in the U.S.), there are the Assistant Professor and Associate Professor titles, the former abbreviated as Asst. Prof. and the latter, Assoc. Prof. Thus, Ass Prof won’t be able to distinguish between the two. And besides, Ass Prof is the abbreviation for a real university title, those Ass**** Professors, who delight in causing much pain to the asses of lowly mortals around them.

Anyway, I’d be so looking forward to this lecture of our brand new Ass Prof!

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1 Response to Ass Prof

  1. hgg says:

    haha, just saw this when trying to get through the several thousand posts that have piled up in my Google Reader after the holiday trip. That’s hilarious!

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