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God Must Really Be Pissed

Remember God’s email to me? Dear Faithful,I’m sorry to say that your nation will not be spared from another threatening typhoon, nor from any other natural calamity for that matter… True enough, some weeks after that email, at least two more … Continue reading

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Lost My Gloves

Again. While the rest of Europe is trying to cope with the chaos brought about by the unusually snowy and chilly winter, I am still trying to get over the pair of gloves I seemed to have dropped/misplaced somewhere just this morning.  I blame my early … Continue reading

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Despite my claims of immortality and unrivalled moral righteousness, I realized I’m still human after all.  For why hasn’t it bothered me when I saw the bloodied face of Berlusconi in the news yesterday? In fact I felt that kind of happiness … Continue reading

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I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

You’re damn right there, Ms. Katy Perry. Note that “kissing a girl” and “kissing another girl” are two different animals, the latter being the source of Tiger’s terrible predicament these days. He should have known better, being a man of his stature (überrich … Continue reading

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