Did You Miss Me?

Me, too! Somehow, I also missed my self-aggrandizing and opinionated posts.

Well, the fact of the matter is that this unusually harsh winter season has forced me into a state of torpor, a kind of physical and mental hibernation typical of bats and mice. Temperature has been below zero in weeks and no sunlight whatsoever has managed to pierce through this part of Sweden’s atmosphere. People have thus turned into cold-blooded, and pale-skinned bipeds, much like those beautiful and sex-starved characters in nowadays hugely popular vampire series.

Speaking of which, I’m inclined to believe that I was once a vampire during the high renaissance, providing assistance to Michaelangelo while he was painting the ceiling of Sistine chapel. How do you think he could paint upside down for hours for four years without a vampire assisting him? Next time you visit Sistine, focus your binocular somewhere in the iconic Creation of Adam portion of the fresco and you will perhaps see the graffiti I left there which read, “mogLi wuz here! 1510 “

Next time I’ll tell you about my apprenticeship with L da V, as he was more popularly known then. Ever wondered about the true story behind Pretty Mona’s lack of brows? 

Well goodbye for now. I got to take my daily V drink.    

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MOGLi - A Brown in the Land of the Blues and Blondes
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