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Speaking of Bugs

Came across the site of Times Online when I noticed that captions appear on the pictures during mouseover: Interestingly one of the pictures is captioned in a way that could be a source of yet another violent reaction from some overly sensitive … Continue reading

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Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven

But nobody wants to die. Says the swedish rapper and reggae artist, Timbuktu. (Forward to 1:30 to skip the intro rap. Song is in swedish but you might like the catchy and cool beats! You may also want to check … Continue reading

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MetroBuggen or MetroBugger?

Just to inform my non-swedish-speaking readers that if you are trying to load my page and gets redirected to the metrobuggen main page with this sign: It means that this blogportal is suffering from incurable bugs which their very competent … Continue reading

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Expensive Beds and the Financial Crisis

Sydsvenskan reports today that despite the financial crisis, expensive beds are selling very well. My first reaction was of course, when people are worried, they cannot sleep well and they believe that an expensive bed will solve the problem. Or perhaps, they … Continue reading

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How Eve Would Have Looked Like

Without a belly button, of course! Close up: If the first woman were also as stunning as this Czech supermodel, I cannot blame Adam for biting on her apples. Hell, I wouldn’t mind getting banished from the Garden of Eden with her!  … Continue reading

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A Picture To Convince You

Some estimates the difference between the human and chimp genomes to be only 2.7%. When I mention this to my undergraduate genomics class every fall semester, I always show this picture on one of my teaching slides. Boy, ’twas not … Continue reading

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Two and half Men and Dirty Jobs and Sex (again)

There are only two shows that I watch on TV these days. The first one is 2 and ½ Men: And the other one is Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs: The scripts and storylines in the former can be somewhat sexist … Continue reading

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But I Did Not Ask You To Love Me

You came out of the blue asking for directions. I showed you where it is. I was just being friendly. But I did not ask you to love me. You said you were tired. Got you a cup of tea. … Continue reading

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Renaissance Artists or Ninja Turtles

Poor Donatello! LOL!

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Childish Beliefs

It is kind of amazing and scary at the same time how certain things I heard when I was a child still strike me with fear or still make me uneasy. You know those kinds of lies grown ups (usually parents) tell … Continue reading

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