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Boring Sweden

Well, at least geologically speaking. An earthquake of magnitude 4.7 in the Richter Scale occurred in the southern part of Sweden yesterday morning. It was such a rare event that it was the “talk of the town” for the whole … Continue reading

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Baywatch Revisited

Did it ever occur to you why baywatch lifeguards had to run in slow motion especially in matters of life and death moments? In my young and innocent mind then, I thought that was the most boring scene. I mean 30 seconds … Continue reading

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Intelligent Men = High Quality Sperms

BBC news reports on a recent study published in the journal, Intelligence, about a marginal correlation between intelligence and sperm quality based on data from 425 men who have undergone several intelligence tests and gave semen samples. It may be … Continue reading

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Problem Solved For Volvo And Saab Cars

These two swedish-brand cars are in danger of becoming extinct, unless their owners, Ford (Volvo) and GM (Saab) find suitable buyers who have production capacities that will be profitable in the long run. As for Volvo, rumours had it that … Continue reading

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For Sale: Baby Shoes

The poet Ernest Hemingway reportedly claimed that his best work was a story he wrote in just six words. Since I dabble, every now and then, with what I call digital poetry, here is my take on his work: Can … Continue reading

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The Media and The Mumbay Massacre

I will leave the more serious commenting to political pundits and expert commentators about the recent deplorable acts of terrorism committed to the peaceful residents of Mumbay, but like the average spectator of this sad event, a few questions still linger … Continue reading

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