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Curiosity Saved The Cat

I accidentally dropped my four year-old Fujitsu-Simens laptop last Sunday as I was boarding a train on my way back to Göteborg from a meeting with some bureaucrats held at Norra Latin at the City Conference Center in Stockholm. Don’t … Continue reading

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Lie, For Your Tooth’s Sake!!!

Today’s amusing newsclip from Sweden, brought to you by PunktSE, is about a man who got punched in the face for guessing the wrong age of a woman he met in a bar. I saw this in Metro the other … Continue reading

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Tres Adicciónes

Here’s my current three addictions as tagged by Bords Malen in this post. The rule states that it should be handwritten. I wrote mine on a whiteboard and did some fancy “corelling” on it. So if you’re into analysing my … Continue reading

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Spam Control!

Dear Friends, Despite the busy schedule, the narcissist in me regularly checks out this blog for new comments, or as a jumping point to any of my blogmates in The 300 list.  Recently I discovered that this blog is being … Continue reading

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Even in Secular Sweden

The previous post perhaps stereotyped people from developing countries as being  generally ignoramuses and superstitious lot. However yesterday’s headline in Metro Sweden proves that quackery knows no boundary. The headline reads, “Social worker invoked spirit.” Family therapist says, “I have … Continue reading

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Would You Take This Bitch As Your Lawful Wife?

–Yes, I do! Would you take this man to be your lawful husband? -Woof, woof! And so it goes that a man in rural India marry a female dog (a bitch) to ward off  a curse he thought he got … Continue reading

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MOGLi Has Left The Building!

Not. Ok, I’m also getting tired of this “not” punchline. I promise this is the last time I ever use it. Not. Hahaha! (jeezz, mogli you are so corny.) Anywho, just to let you know, my dear blogmates, friends, secret … Continue reading

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Izabella Scorupco: Certified MILF!

I first took notice of her in the winter of 2002, wearing nothing but sexy lingeries in huge H&M posters splashed all over Sweden. I was never a Bond fan, and so I had no idea she was the bond … Continue reading

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Halloween Hang Over

Friday’s Halloween Party was a blast! Everone’s motto during the party seemed to be “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we’ll die!” There was not so much eating though, as the caterer who prepared the special tapas buffet seemed … Continue reading

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