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Only Losers Blog On A Friday Nite

Gotcha! I’m just kidding, ok? : P I know we have different reasons why we sit in front of the computer instead of painting the town red on a Friday night. (This Friday is quite special as we are supposed … Continue reading

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Welcome to MOGLi’s hambog humble blog at WordPress! MabuHej is a combination of words from two languages worlds apart. “Mabuhay” is a Tagalog word which means “long live.” “Hej” (pronounced “hey”) on the other hand, is the Swedish word which … Continue reading

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Power to the People, NOW!

1986. It happened in Manila. The EDSA People Power Revolution. photo: Wikimedia . 1989. It happened in Central and Eastern Europe. The Fall of Berlin Wall. photo: Wikimedia. The Singing Revolution in the Baltic States. photo: Wikimedia The Velvet Revolution … Continue reading

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The Awesome Power of Kärleksmums

A miracle happened today. The department’s system administrator: 1. dropped by my office booth, 2. chatted with me about how the Swedish weather sucks, and 3. gave me a wireless ergonomic computer mouse. There’s nothing special about all the above … Continue reading

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Swedish Word of the Day: Ollad

Ollad:  to have the ollon in physical contact with something.  Warning: Link below not safe to view at work or in a public place or if you are a prude person!Ollon is the swedish word for the glans, which is … Continue reading

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You Are Sooo Under Arrest

“But why?!?” “Because you look like shit!” Well, those were not the exact words but it is almost like that according to this report published in Metro today: Apparently, 20 year-old Paulina was forced by two undercover agents to leave … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Wish…But Maybe Not.

Sometimes I wish the skies were green and the oceans black.  Then I’d look cool in my orange wet suit as I ride the waves on my purple surf. But maybe not. I’m quite fine with the sea and the … Continue reading

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Lassbo Should Sue punktSE

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the following text? That it refers to our very own Glamourprinsessan, right? Then you’re wrong because what you see in the corresponding picture is this: Yes, it is … Continue reading

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Varför Man Borde Inte Gifta Sig

Före bröllopet: Efter bröllopet: Läs inlägget underifrån.  

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In Sweden, Looks Are Everything

Not. In my previous post, a study reported that beautiful people tend to have bigger earnings. Some comments jokingly agreed with the findings while some disagreed, drawing their corresponding conclusions from personal observations and/or experiences. The problem of course with … Continue reading

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