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Back ‘Em Up!

Early October this year, the computer of a PhD student at Upsala University (somewhere north of Stockholm) was stolen. In the hard disk was six years of blood, sweat and tears, or simply, research work. I was then meaning to … Continue reading

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I Think I Lost My Electron

I am a sucker for jokes with subtle punchlines. You know that kind that makes your brain pause for a brief moment, before realizing what’s so funny about it. Simply the kind of joke where “he who thinks the slowest, … Continue reading

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Swedish Christmas

I wrote in my entry two days ago that I’d write about how the Swedes (the typical ones that I know of) celebrate christmas but I’ve had too much “snaps” (that scandinavian liquor distilled to about 40% ethanol) circulating in … Continue reading

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Happy Festivus!!!

If you are a Seinfeld follower just like myself, you wouldn’t have missed this date as the Day of the Festivus. This particular holiday, as it is known today by many, was invented by Frank Costanza, George’s father, in the … Continue reading

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I Need A Date

For my little hamster Bubuwit: Some vital info: Age: 1 year and 2 months Sex: Oh yeah! Ok, Bubuwit is a he, and a heterosexual (methinks!) Favourite foods: Cheerios, banana, apple, boiled egg, carrots, almonds Favourite pastime: Exploring tunnels made … Continue reading

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Not Recommended To Do @ Work

The following tag, originating from “The Suck Blog” (hehehe…I’m not really sure about the translation) and brought to you here by Raggoparden is just too interesting not to do at once. I read her comment in my Sunday Tags post … Continue reading

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Golddigging BUT Honest Women

I would always prefer the brutally-honest types than the ones who pretend to profess true-love-till-death-do-us-part kind of crap. With the former, you are sure of the intention. If the person eventually falls for you, then that’s just an added bonus. … Continue reading

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