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Say Sorry, Swedes!

In this BBC feed, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones demands that two Swedish reporters, one from Expressen and one from Aftonbladet,  who reviewed the Ullevi concert last month should apologize for giving the gig a bad review. In this … Continue reading

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The SMS (2)

So this morning I thought of bringing up this SMS thing with Gustav. To reject another person’s affection is not an easy thing to do; having been in the receiving end myself in a number of occassions, I know how … Continue reading

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Freaky Monday (The SMS)

“Jag klarar inte av det. Kan inte sluta tänka på dej…” (I cannot take it anymore. Can’t stop thinking about you…) What the F??? Why the F??? I was in total shock reading that short message flashing on the screen … Continue reading

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To Gnäll or Not To Gnäll

That is the question. Swedes themselves do acknowledge the fact that they complain too much. Sun goes up. Too hot. Sun disappears. Too cold. There is seldom a perfect weather for the average Swede. In a country where typhoons, landslides, … Continue reading

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MOGLI’s Daily Food Intake

It strikes me that listing down the kind of food one ate for the day is quiet a popular thing among many bloggers here. In fact, one regular feature of the blog of our very own Glamour Princess is her daily … Continue reading

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Dumb Population Grows Exponentially

While the intelligent ones grow only arithmetically. A “dumbing down of the population”, as the movie Idiocracy (2006) puts it. In Rakotozafy’s post, the movie above was mentioned in passing. So I checked out the synopsis and I instantly thought the plot was hilarious. This … Continue reading

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Freeze, Or I’m Gonna Vibrate the Crap Out of You!

Sorry, I can’t help myself but post another Metro filler from today. So it goes that a man in England was given a 5-year prison term. And his crime was? Armed with his girlfriend’s vibrator hidden in a plastic bag, he managed … Continue reading

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