Vegetarian Zombies and Other Stories

One might wonder, do vegans remain vegans after surviving a zombie attack? Or is eating human/animal flesh an inherent zombie trait? Must be hilarious to see herds of hungry walkers feasting in broccolli farms.


Just over a week ago, out of boredom in a long haul Amsterdam-Manila flight,  I forced myself to watch this much-hyped sci-fi film called “Hunger Games.” That was the silliest, stupidest plot ever. Maybe it was the effect of the pressurised, dry cabin air or the most unpalatable in-flight meal, but midway I lost interest and zapped through the film, through the unsurprising end. Surprisingly, I did get entertained watching “Breaking Dawn.” Could be because I had so low expectation of it?


By the way, glorious weather today in South Sweden. 26 effin’ degrees celsius! (That’s cold from where I grew up.) The swedes flocked to the beach; towels were overlapping each other.  I witnessed how pale bodies turned red in the middle of the day. Like chickens roasted to perfection. In short, many went home sun burnt. A lot of the Swedes are panicking to catch the last rays of the summer sun before they go back to work. Can’t blame them. The early viking settlers must have had arrived in this part of the world on a weather like today. Little did they know what awaited them for the rest of the year.

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