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God Replied!

I got a forwarded email, apparently addressed to God. Dear GOD, We fervently pray that our nation will be spared from another threatening typhoon. Our suffering people have not recovered from Ondoy’s wrath. Please prevent Pepeng and other typhoons from hitting … Continue reading

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Peace Man!

Wow, doesn’t this dude got everything now, or what??? Source: Had he been a catholic, the Vatican would have had canonized him while still alive! LOL! I think when I grow up, I’d want to be just like him. … Continue reading

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Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

This is from p.10 of my PhD thesis: The above figures (and a significant portion of my research) wouldn’t have been possible without the work of this year’s Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry: Source: Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen … Continue reading

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Prayer Did Not Work (Again)

Oh, what a fucking surprise! Imagine this: An 11-yr-old girl started showing symptoms of severe weakness, being unable to speak, eat, drink or walk. Her parents, instead of seeking medical help, called upon a prayer congregation, and prayed over the dying child. Can you imagine the suffering of … Continue reading

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Big Meetings

In the conference I recently attended in Vienna, there were two types of presentations. The poster presentation: And the oral presentation: Notice that the presentation is actually projected in 5 panels! It was a conference with thousands of attendees and … Continue reading

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Getting Better

For women in science! Did you know that of the 192 Nobel laureates in Medicine awarded between 1901 and 2008, only 8 were women? The Physics category has the worst record in terms of men/women ratio with only 2 women out … Continue reading

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Art or Pornography?

So I was in Vienna  last week in a yet another post summer conference. One of the perks of such academic events are side activities such as strolling downtown, which in my case inevitably leads to museum visits. A grand Viennese palace called … Continue reading

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