Hi, how are you? My name is mogLi. Thank you for checking this page out.

Let me summarize the content of this blog for you in two words: FACT and FICTION.

This site is an online repository of my thoughts and views about practically everything, and about certain experiences in my life. Thus, the eclectic nature of my posts. I must confess that I am a man of wild imaginings, and any sane person shall have no difficulty in discerning the truthfulness contained in any of my post. I aim not to mislead nor to cause unnecessary worries to anyone out there. Though my primary aim is to entertain, you may find certain characters and events in my posts to resemble realities around you. For that, I apologize for the coincidence.

Remember, if symptoms persist, insult your doctor. 

PS. The lucky few among you who knows the way to the Batcave, and therefore have access to my Batman identity, I trust you to keep it under wraps. My wife does not know. Thank you very much.


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