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Why Oh Why?

What a week it has been! I know it’s utterly tragic and sad but why on my birthday Michael, why???

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The Cyborg and Sexy Name Decoders

Inspired by HGG’s post, here is my cyborg-derived acronym:  I also took the liberty of finding out the acronym for my loyal and avid commenter from Planet Finland, Smek This: Hahaha. So violent! The programmer of that script must be an avid fan of … Continue reading

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Got Problem? Sleep!

I know it works. But only when I can remember the solution upon waking up! Source: BBC

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Revenge Of The Green Banana

She picked up the bunch of bananas lying on the mahogany kitchen table and studied it with great care. It was a bunch of five. One was completely green, three were greenish-yellow, and the last was sun-riped, with the outer … Continue reading

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I Need A Hobby

Saw this finely etched letters on a park bench: Indeed my friend, indeed!

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