Halloween Costume

Some colleagues decided that we are going to have a Halloween party.
(So, who says people working in the lab are boring, huh?)

The party will be this Friday and the theme is EVIL. I thought of showing up without any mask or costume. I mean, my devilish, ravishing looks will probably suffice for the occasion. Bwahahaha! But then I thought it will not be fun if I don’t exert some effort in this once a year masquerade ball with my labmates.

So in line with my favourite superhero, Batman, and the fact that Göteborg really resembles Gotham City at this time of the year,  I thought of donning on this costume:

Now if I can only find my size. Any other suggestions?

Picture from this site: Baby Bat Costume.

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17 Responses to Halloween Costume

  1. Raggoparden says:

    Vad SYND att festen är i göteborg..annars kunde jag hjälpt dej med sminkningen..*ler evil*

  2. MOGLi says:

    @Raggoparden: Jag tänkte faktiskt på din profil-bild! Vad synd!

  3. tack för stödet raring 🙂 Vi får hoppas på det bästa 🙂

  4. maravillosa says:

    I’m sure you would bend over for me cause I’m HOT! 😛 heeey

  5. maravillosa says:

    Yeah, too pop for me. 😉 How are you my friend? How is life treating you?

  6. crackgrrl says:

    That baby looks scary even without the costume!And I would guess people who work in labs probably throw the craziest, most intoxicated and outrageous parties ever… all people who work in any kind of research seem to go nuts with the booze whenever they get the chance. Have fun! ;D

  7. malen says:

    BORDS, pakiwari ko ang mas bagay sayo….ang dracula costume…with tuxedo and everything plus i-brush up mo yung hair mo…very common but I bet, you’ll look good on it. maniwala ka sa kin. yun tipong PRINCE OF DARKNESS…gwapo jud harharhar 🙂

  8. MOGLi says:

    @crackgrrl: You bet! Work hard, party harder! And the booze thing I think especially apply to some of my Swedish colleagues. Suddenly they turn from timid/shy folks into merry and amusing party animals. hahaha!

  9. MOGLi says:

    @Malen: Yes, I might just do that! 😛 Now I just need to buy me some vampire canines.

  10. Raggoparden says:

    Och jag tänkte på min korsettbild 😉 Men annars är det väl enkelt: låna en laboratorierock. Kladda ned rocken med en massa blod- och hjärnsubstansliknande materia (färg) och VIPS har vi den galne obducenten! Klar för party!

  11. Smek This! says:

    Hey man!Don’t give up that easily! Think of American dream, you can make it if you really try. This time you can fit in that costume. I bet it would look really scary on you :)And remember to wear at least some halloween costume. Otherwise you’ll hear the rest of the year: ‘hey, you forgot your Halloween costume on’ Could you handle that? LOL

  12. maluca says:

    Batman… right! I once dressed up as “Catwoman”. Thanks a lot for “making my name”, very nice.// maluca

  13. MOGLi says:

    @Smek This!: Hehehe…I’ll absolutely look scary if I manage to fit myself in that infant costume. And you’re right don’t want to be at the receiving end of that joke! (now i’ll be on the lookout for those who didn’t wear any costume) LOL!
    @Raggoparden: That is fucking brilliant! (to my non-swedish readers, she just suggested that i wear a labcoat that has been stained with lots of blood- and brain-like material, and voila: a crazy autopsy guy!) Ok, if you just excuse me, I got to fetch some blood and brain matter…harharhar!

  14. MOGLi says:

    @Maluca: Catwoman in leather/latex? Sounds sexy! hehehe..Were you in the same “animal” party as the one attended by Raggoparden? LOL!

  15. *AHAHAHAHAHAAAA*!How CUTE is that!!!!You know what’s really scary? A guy in a tutu skirt, no, no, not one of those fake tutus that people will know you’re making fun. I’m talking, a guy who sincerely likes tutus. I’m speaking from experience too. *teehee!*Cheryl

  16. Anna says:

    Kinda cute ;-)About my blog, I would never do anything else! I might give the impression that I´m democratic but when it come to my life and decisions I´m in the end nothing but a dictator… I just like to here other opinions and I now I´m not always having all the answers on my own… Yet… ;-D

  17. maluca says:

    Raggopard’s party, no… but sexy as hell, yes *s* // maluca

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