Tags Galore!

I was recently tagged (or “challenged” as the swedish bloggers put it) by three different blogmates about three different subjects.

I’ll try to be fair so I’ll do each one on a “first come, first served” basis within this week or the coming weeks. But my dear blogmates, please don’t get the impression that I’ll do every single “challenge” or meme (as it is also known in the blogosphere) that comes my way. Tags can be quite fun to do but sometimes it can be too much.

Anyway without much further ado here is the first one courtesy of the lacquered-corsette-wearing  Sousafone.

This tag is named Seven Pictures.

Some pictures of my work:

1. The Rock (chinese ink on japanese paper which I bought from MUJI)

2. My take on Leonardo’s self-portrait (pencil on sketch pad)

Some photographs I took:

3. Clock in Musée d’Orsay in Paris (Summer 2005)

4. The Siesta by van Gogh in Orsay. Yes, it is ok to take photos of paintings in this museum as long as you don’t use your camera flash. I have great affinity for this painting as it reminds me of my grandfather’s place where I spent many summers as a child.

5. A picture at the backside of my grandfather’s place. This is a small fishpond surrounded by ricefields. Taken two years ago, around December when I visited home. My happiest place ever!

6. Here is a picture of a typical Swedish summer house. This belongs to a friend’s parents where we celebrated this year’s Midsummer Eve somewhere in the outskirts of Göteborg. To my non-swedish readers, midsummer is the time of the year when the day is longest, that is almost daylight until very late at night. Celebration consists of drinking lots of booze, eating lots of seafoods, sex orgies and imitating small frogs dancing around a pole wrapped in leaves, grasses and summer wildflowers. (ok, just kidding about the sex orgy part! hahaha!)

And finally, here is a picture of what I’m working with, which someday will give me a Nobel Prize! LOL!

7. This is some kind of a molecular machine without which no living cell will survive.

I’m suppose to pass this to seven individuals so once again, unless anyone is interested in doing this tag, I’m passing this tag to my ever loyal dwarf friends.

Hope you enjoyed my Seven Pictures!

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18 Responses to Tags Galore!

  1. Sousafone says:

    Yess…especially I liked the last one..the part in the upper left corner looks like Mickey Mouse´s dog Pluto ;)But U know..You dont have to pass it on forward..Yuo can keep it 😉

  2. MOGLi says:

    @Sousafone: Hahaha! You are quite imaginative to have seen Pluto in that figure. I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out! Cool!

  3. maravillosa says:

    Korrupta fittor suger!! 😉

  4. MOGLi says:

    @Maravillosa: You bet!

  5. RennyBA says:

    Great pics all of them – thanks for sharing. To me the summer house (torpet) looks very Swedish and we see a lot of them on our way from Norway to Mariestad where we have our vacation home.Btw: I’ve always wonder where all he extra frog sounds came from Midtsommarafton – thanks for letting me know 🙂

  6. MOGLi says:

    RennyBA: Thanks for the nice comment! Ah yes, I remember reading in one of your posts about your regular summer stay in Mariestad. Hehehe…the funny thing about the sound of the frogs here is that they make the same sound as the ducks: “kuwa-kwak-kwak…kuwa-kwak-kwak”. LOL.

  7. Smek This! says:

    Nice work!The last one looks like a coloured ink spot they use in psychological tests. I can’t see a Pluto here, hell I can’t see a left corner either! But I see something: Iceland :)BTW, I see those visiting flags on your blog. Where does it get the information? I mean, there is a Finland flag also but it can’t be mine, since I’m writing in Sweden. Then again, I have advertised you to my Finnish friends, and you probably have some secret connections there by yourself!

  8. MOGLi says:

    @Smek This!: Thanks! If you squint your eyes a little, and then move your face closer very slowly towards the screen until about 10 cm, you will see something that resembles,,,nothing! hahaha! Yeah I just checked iceland’s land map and i can see the resemblance! Good thinking!About the visitor’s flags, I can tell you that I don’t have any secret connections with some agents in your fatherland. I just hope that these are your finnish amigos! I send my warm regards to them! 😉

  9. cheh says:

    They’re pretty Mogli!Loved ’em all! It’s definitely tells something about the person who make, collect,photograph it.Surely,it’s got a taste:)

  10. Smek This! says:

    You are right, I know amigos have visited your blog. We had a blast with your story about Gustaf! How is he by the way :)It also may be that I have visited your blog during my trips to Finland. You see, I don’t have a life there either… LOL

  11. MOGLi says:

    @Cheh: Thanks a lot! Getting such compliments from a professional is really heartwarming! 😀

  12. MOGLi says:

    @Smek This!: Hahaha! I actually have some follow up posts on the Gustav story but it will probably remain as draft posts. I’m afraid it will be too revealing and not good for his personal integrity. But maybe one of these days…we’ll see! LOL! And thanks for reading this blog even when you’re in Finland. I promise to read your blog too when I visit my home country, perhaps next year! Haha!

  13. maravillosa says:

    “You’re a pro!” Weeeeell… thank yoooouuu!!

  14. maluca says:

    I’m deeply touched! Great, really… // maluca

  15. malen says:

    WOW! galeng bords!!!!!!I will comment later…..gotta go muna!

  16. malen says:

    1. WOW2. WOW3. WOW4. WOW5. WOW6. WOW7. WOW!!!! Congrats on the Nobel Prize! 🙂

  17. Mogli, Love your drawings! And all other pictures you’ve put up thus far. For the moment, I’m swamped with writing my thesis. I could possibly take up your picture challenge but it’ll be sometime next week. I’ll keep you guys posted on this site. Cheers,Cheryl

  18. MOGLI says:

    @Cheryl: Thanks! It would be interesting to see your seven pictures though you’ve already been posting excellent pictures on your site. Best of luck with the writing!@Malen: Uuuy, maraming salamat at nakakadaan ka pa kahit na über busy ka sa mga EBs mo dyan!

    @maluca:Thank you! 🙂

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