Cryptography 101

[–start encryption–]
Dear SweetiePie,

I hope EGYPT!
I saw you in the gym today. INDIA.
You are really KENYA.

I know FRANCE but I hope we NEPAL.
I HOLLAND because ITALY very much.

Don’t believe them that I’m having SWEDEN.
And that I’m STOCKHOLM. I’m not lying.

Do you ROME? Especially that one on the beach?
RUSSIA! Oh, I remember  it all started as CANADA.
I’m parking my pen now.
Don’t worry I’ll be gentle, there’s NORWAY.


ps. JAPAN, ok?

[–end encryption–]

Encryption key

E.G.Y.P.T. – Everything’s Great, You Pretty Thing!
I.N.D.I.A. – I Nearly Died In Adoration.
K.E.N.Y.A. – Keeping Everything Nice, Yet Arousing.
F.R.A.N.C.E. – Friendships Remain And Never Can End.
N.E.P.A.L. – Never Ever Part As Lovers.
H.O.L.L.A.N.D. – Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies.
I.T.A.L.Y. – I Trust And Love You.
L.I.B.Y.A. – Love Is Beautiful; You Also.
S.W.E.D.E.N. – Sex With Every Damsel Every Night
S.T.O.C.K.H.O.L.M. – Sex Tripping On City Klubs, He’s One Love Machine
P.A.R.I.S. – Please Always Remember I’m Sincere
R.O.M.E. – Remember Our Memorable Evenings
R.U.S.S.I.A. – Romance Under the Sky & Stars is Intimate, Always.
C.A.N.A.D.A. – Cute And Naughty Action that Developed into Attraction
C.H.I.N.A. – Come Here…I Need Affection.
P.H.I.L.I.P.P.I.N.E.S. – Pumping Hot.. I Love It! Please, Please… I Need Erotic  Stimulation!
N.O.R.W.A.Y – No Oral Reckoning Without Anal Yearning
M.A.N.I.L.A. – May All Nights Inspire Love Always
J.A.P.A.N – Just Always Pray At Night

This is the kind of shit I was stuffing my head once upon a time when I was a teenager. Now you usually get this as a forwarded email.

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23 Responses to Cryptography 101

  1. maravillosa says:

    Hahahaha… you go man! Sköööön. :DKan du inte skriva en på mitt namn också? Sofie. Eller Maravillosa. Eller båda.Då skulle jag bli superglad. 😀

  2. Rakotozafy says:

    Did you make this up all by yourself? If you did, you’re a genious. If not, you’re still a very very clever guy.

  3. malen says:

    Bords, C H I N Alol,malenPSKA BAGUIO-BAGUIO mo pa lang dito andami mo ng CALOOCAN, kung DAGUPAN kaya kita dyan eh nagkanda-ILOILO ka, tingnan mo nga yang shorts mo NAVOTAS na. lol

  4. MOGLi says:

    @Maravillosa: I could only come up with these at the moment:
    S.O.F.I.E.- Sexy One For Infinite Ecstasy

    MARAVILLOSA: MARvelous And VIscious Love…Languishing On Sadistic Agony

  5. MOGLi says:

    @Rakotozafy: Hej man! Well, I could claim ownership to SWEDEN, STOCKHOLM and NORWAY. As for the rest, it is more of like an oral tradition passed among generations of teenagers back home. Hahaha!

  6. MOGLi says:

    @Malen:Hahaha! More shits to remember…LOL.

  7. Robin says:

    ha ha, pretty cool. Gonna start talking like this, it would make people insane;) Dont worry, I allready been to the toilet twice;) Hoped I would`nt have to but if you got to go you got to go*lol*

  8. maluca says:

    Great! P.A.R.I.S… or not… *s* //M.A.L.U.C.A

  9. thess says:

    took me back to my high-school years when everything was ‘encrypted’ and we were talking crap *lol*great sunday to you!

  10. maravillosa says:

    LOVE IT! Totally love it. You’re good. 😉 Thanx for the comment. I’m working on some more travel experiences…

  11. maravillosa says:

    Mästerlig Ordmagiker Gör Livet Intressant 😉

  12. MOGli says:

    @thess:trip down the memory lane, isn’t it? 🙂
    @Maluca:Here’s one for you: May Amorous Love Unfold in Caring Arms…hehe! 😛
    @Robin:Hehehe…a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do! LOL.

  13. MOGLi says:

    @Maravillosa: Now, that takes the prize! Supercool! Really! 😀

  14. RennyBA says:

    Actually never heard of it, but interesting puzzle with words and names of countries – thanks for not letting Norway out 🙂

  15. MOGLi says:

    @RennyBA: Oh, sorry about how it turned up for NORWAY! But don’t worry I have something in the pipeline that will please the norwegians! 😉

  16. Lian says:

    Haha that was great! You must have been really bored when you did this 😛

  17. MOGLi says:

    @Lian: Oh yes, indeed! As they say, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” 😛 Thanks for dropping by!

  18. Lian says:

    Haha of course I like HOLLAND. Hehe Dutch people are very romantic (not).

  19. Ambo says:

    Sumasakit ulo ko sayo! Hahahaha. Pinoy po ako. Daming poreynjers dito hehehe

  20. MOGLi says:

    @Ambo: heheh..daming poreynjers kasi nga taga ibang bansa itong blog na ito eh! LOL.

  21. Annelie says:

    Någon har haft gått om tid…eller väldigt lite att göra!?! ;)Men det var kul!

  22. MOGLi says:

    @Annelie: Oh,,ja, då var tiden! Har haft verkligen gått om tid. Nu? How I wish! Tack för kommentaren! 🙂

  23. cheh says:

    Hi mogli,japan ka na lang ok at alam mo naman na talagang EGYPT ka naman talaga! kyut mo talaga!:)

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