Golddigging BUT Honest Women

I would always prefer the brutally-honest types than the ones who pretend to profess true-love-till-death-do-us-part kind of crap. With the former, you are sure of the intention. If the person eventually falls for you, then that’s just an added bonus. The latter however, will not only make you heartbroken but is guaranteed to make a humongous hole in your pocket as well. Think Paul McCartney and his expensive divorce.

Do you remember this bogus post of mine about winning a lottery, where I “won” a million swedish crowns in Triss Lott?  And then two days later, I got this indecent proposal from an indecently-posed hottie

Well, the exact thing happened (is happening) to this 57 year old gentleman from a remote village of Dikanäs in Sweden’s northerly mountainous region. Last saturday on live TV, he scratched out a winning combination of SEK10,000 per month for 15 years or a total of SEK 1.8 million (more than a quarter million USD). According to many news sources, the following day he began receiving a lot of SMS from women who wanted to marry him.

Fortunately, he is taking it easy with women. He said, he’d of course like to meet one but first he wants a kick-ass scooter!

What can I say, this is my kind of dude! 

And to all women out there proposing to him, please, this man already had it tough in life. Be at least straight to the point and admit to him that you just wanted to hook up with him for his money. Now if he agrees to that set-up (with you providing all that whorely wifely duties and all, while he provides the dough) then consider yourself lucky. Or not.

News/Picture sources:

Dikanäs miljönaren kvinnornas favorit (Dikanäs millionaire, women’s favourite)
Blev miljönär i direktsändning (Became millionaire on live TV)
Gärna en kvinna-men först en skoter (Would like to have a woman-but scooter first)

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8 Responses to Golddigging BUT Honest Women

  1. Zhu says:

    I never quite understood this kind of woman. Honestly, I’d rather know if my loved one has debts etc. but I’ll never marry someone for money. I swear, I didn’t. 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    DANG!!! do you have his email address? maybe i can make my own ah… much more decent proposal? hehehhe!! HAHAHAHA!!!I am not even a millionaire! Malen started posting a lot of stuff about my condo and overpricing them in millions!!! And I get courted by *~UGH*~ gurls! You have no idea! I puke! But then again, I was looking for the other kind… hehehehe… but then again, most of my millions are just in blogs… dang!!!

  3. mogLi says:

    @R***z: I can imagine the loads of indecent proposals you are getting each day! Hahaha!
    @Zhu: I believe you dear! LOL!

  4. malen says:

    LOL @ Reynz. “I get courted by *~UGH*~ gurls!” Sinu-sino yun? Baket di ko alam? Hahahhaang hearthrob mo bords! LOL pa kiss nga! ang ganda nya infairness. there are some people talaga who will marry for money. hinde lang girls, i know a guy who married another woman for the sake of $$$ and possible job abroad (read: EX) hahahha. that’s why i super duper hate USERS! as in totally despise them. lamunin sana silang lahat ng lupa!! LOL

  5. Rakotozafy says:

    Jättekul att d kommer på fredag. Glöm inte att dra ner byxorna när du kommer in i puben, så att du blir igenkänd på dina W:n. 🙂

  6. mogLi says:

    @Malen: yes she’s pretty hot! but i doubt it was really her. that picture could have been taken from some porn site. hahaha!tsk, walanghiyang yun ah! pinagpalit ka sa DO££YARESSS! i’m sure makakarma rin yung EX mong yun! hmpft!

  7. jess says:

    Jag fastnade för ditt namn på bloggen. Varför skriver du på på två språk? Kanske bara jag som är trög dock..

  8. mogLi says:

    @jess: Hej! Glad att du hittat till min blogg, och tack för kommentaren. Jo, anledningen att jag skriver på engelska är jag kan språket mycket bättre än svenska. Dessutom har jag många bloggkompisar från andra delar av världen som förstår ingen svenska alls. Vi ses här på Metrobloggen och ha det gott!

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