Not Recommended To Do @ Work

The following tag, originating from “The Suck Blog” (hehehe…I’m not really sure about the translation) and brought to you here by Raggoparden is just too interesting not to do at once.

I read her comment in my Sunday Tags post yesterday afternoon during the lunch break at work and I was resisting the temptation to blog it right away. You’ll understand why you should wait ’til you are home, preferably alone when doing this tag. (But actually The Suck Blog did this at work using his female colleague’s computer…) LOL!

Here we go: (I took the liberty of translating this into English so I can pass this tag to my non-swedish speaking blogmates)

1. Write your name using the little finger:

2. Write your name using your elbow:
kmo0 gyt,löii8

3. Write your name using your forehead:

4. Write your name with the heel of your foot:

5. Write your name using your nose:
j 0tglopi8

6. Write your name with your ear:
, jmo,ounrlii

7. Write your name with your mouth:
m,k,iopgfklio (nope, i don’t want to lick my keyboard!)

8. Write your name with your willy/punani (originally balls but it is not easy,,,yes I tried! Hahahaha!)
kmo0 gyt,löii8
(Did you notice these characters are the same as the elbow? Go figure!
Yes it is THAAAT HUUUGE. Hahaha!)

By the way, for the ladies, Raggoparden’s variant of #8 is to use the tits instead.

And that my friends is an example of a sick tag from the equally sick swedish sense of humour! LOLs! (Ok, that was a compliment, my dear swedish readers!)

So, if you are interested in doing this tag, go on and tell me when you’re done so I can link it back here in this post! Again you’ve been warned to do this alone, in your room. (Of course it will be very interesting if you succeed in doing this in an internet cafe!)

Edit 2007-12-20
Due to insistent public demand, I’m specifically tagging my very special blog friend, Malen of Chuvaness, the real, one and only girlfriend of that Prison Break guy.

Somehow I also kinda’ expect Smek This! to do this tag…LOL!

Sorry for the delay. Have had a hangover for two days after a christmas party I attended.

Here are the links to those who did this tag (originating from this blog):
1. Malen of Chuvaness
2. Mrs CeCrux’ Parts of Craziness

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13 Responses to Not Recommended To Do @ Work

  1. malen says:

    ROTFL Uyy, naiimagine ko bords yung #8 BWAHAHAHAHAHBORDS! I-tag mo ko daliii! I insist!! Maganda to!!! Parang awa mo na..i-tag mo ko please. LOLGagawin ko to tom…i ta-tag ko lahat ng nasa blogroll ko! Ansaya saya!! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH

  2. maluca says:

    I did it… all because of Raggoparden for sure! *s* characters written with your willy are the same as with the elbow… WHAT are you trying to tell us *LOL* // maluca

  3. Smek This! says:

    You can’t fool me, you wrote the elbow item also with your willy. I believe you were honest in item 8. LOL!You knew I couldn’t resist commenting this 🙂

  4. Smek This! says:

    I saw your addition just now. Sorry, I must pass this offer. You know I’m not into penile blogging :-

  5. Raggoparden says:

    *s* but you want to kiss your keyboard? 🙂

  6. kimberly says:

    I did the spelling thingy on my

  7. reyna elena says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! LOVE IT! parang gusto kong itag sarili ko! HAHAHAHA

  8. Stefan says:

    “the suck blog” hahahaha 😉

  9. cheh says:

    hahaha buti na lang hindi mo na tag,yaw ko ngang gamitin dila,alikabok keyboard noh!! lolasus me,ano kaya susunod? :DHappy Christmas MOgli! ((besos))

  10. mogli says:

    @cheh: Uy ano ka! Ni tag ka ni malen ha! LOLs. Wala kang lusot. Merry Christmas rin! Warm hugs (and beso-beso na rin)! hahaha!
    @Stefan: Hehehe…hope you liked the english translation of your blog’s name! LOL!
    @GrönaBejben: Hej! Thanks for the visit! Will drop by yours shortly…
    @Raggoparden: Kiss was ok! ;P
    @Smek This: C’mon man, you’re being prude! 😛
    @Maluca: Hehehe…I like your answers too, especially on #8.
    @Malen: Bords, na-iimagine rin kita nung ginagawa mo ang number 8. HAhahaha!
    @Emelie&Sofie: Japp, verkligen! Ha det bra!

  11. mogli says:

    @ReynaElena: Ni tag ka ni malen ha! Dapat gawin mo yan! LOL!
    @MrsCeCrux Thanks for doing the tag! You’re such a sport! 😉

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