English Blogs @ Metrobloggen

Alright folks! Now I created a new list of blogs I found in Metrobloggen where the entries are written in English or at least some entries are in the English language. 

Based on the number of blogs registered as “Allmänt” (1637 at this writing) we can make a conservative estimate of around 1000 metrobloggers, considering many users having more than one blog. You can see that at the moment there are only 17 blogs listed in my link. I’m sure I have missed a lot since I found these blogs only by using the keyword “English” in the search field of Metrobloggen.

It is interesting to note that you can almost categorize these English language blogs into two: 1) Foreigners in Sweden sharing their experiences living in the country, and 2) Swedes who want to practice their English language abilities. Of course, there are a number in the list which belongs to neither category. It is up to you to find out! 🙂

Anyway, if you happen to know a Metrobloggen blog written in the English language or at least partly in it, please let me know so I can also link it up.

Thanks and happy blog-hopping!  

PS. Please note that the listing was not arranged according to any preference. Maybe you noticed that the shape resembles a Gaussian distribution in the y-axis. Sorry, it is just one of those quirks of mine to order things like this…(read: nerd). 🙂

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5 Responses to English Blogs @ Metrobloggen

  1. Smek This! says:

    Thanks for having my blog in the list! I noticed the gaussian style before I read your blog. Yes, I can’t help it either to notice things like that. I was lucky to have a short name, having the first spot there 🙂 Thanks again, your blog seems interesting, multi-lingual också!

  2. MOGLI says:

    @Smek This: hehehe,,,so the curve didn’t escape your inquisitive eyes! i should have seen your blog before ‘coz it is really very entertaining!

  3. IBstudent says:

    Very Nice of you to add me to your 300 list.. =) I agree with you that it is really nice when people comment on your blog.. especially if it is something positive =P

  4. emma says:

    Well, what about me?

  5. MOGLI says:

    @emma: But of course! Thanks for reminding me. Now you are the latest addition in the English Blogs list and in “The 300″‘s growing list. 279 more to go. Jippi!

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