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Fashion and Religion

Fashion is like religion in many ways. Both have charismatic leaders and blind followers. Someone quipped, “Philosophy is useless, religion is worse.” How about adding, “…and fashion is the worst of them all.” ? Here is another proof that people will do everything, including … Continue reading

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Random Shits

 Last night, FC Barcelona played like there were 15 men in the football field, to clinch their third Champion’s Leagues title. On a side note, did you know that Paulino Alcantara, born in the Philippines on 1896, is not only FC … Continue reading

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Yet Another Common Denominator

A few days ago, I saw this news on BBC about a goat suspected to be a car thief. The nigerian police took the poor thing in custody after a vigilante group arrested the goat.  I thought the above news could … Continue reading

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How To Lose Friends and Alienate People

No, I have neither seen the movie nor read the book. It just seems like lately I have been doing things to that effect. Not returning calls, not sms’ing back, not replying to felicitous emails, not greeting friends and acquaintances on their … Continue reading

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Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven

But nobody wants to die. Says the swedish rapper and reggae artist, Timbuktu. (Forward to 1:30 to skip the intro rap. Song is in swedish but you might like the catchy and cool beats! You may also want to check … Continue reading

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How Eve Would Have Looked Like

Without a belly button, of course! Close up: If the first woman were also as stunning as this Czech supermodel, I cannot blame Adam for biting on her apples. Hell, I wouldn’t mind getting banished from the Garden of Eden with her!  … Continue reading

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Childish Beliefs

It is kind of amazing and scary at the same time how certain things I heard when I was a child still strike me with fear or still make me uneasy. You know those kinds of lies grown ups (usually parents) tell … Continue reading

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On Unrequited Love or Peanut Butter?

“Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” -Charlie Brown

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Mogli’s Quote of the Update

If you think you can protect your friend by telling lies to cover up his mess, then think again. You are probably causing him more harm than good. As the scottish neo-romantic poet, Robert Louis Stevenson succintly put it, “The … Continue reading

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Corruption and Non-secularism

Transparency International (The Global Coalition Against Corruption) recently released the 2008 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).  This year’s  CPI scores 180 countries on a scale from zero (highly corrupt) to ten (highly clean). Denmark, Sweden, and New Zealand share the 1st … Continue reading

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