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Are You On A Crossroad?

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your … Continue reading

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mogLi’s Question of the Update

What is so interesting about a balding guy tying the knot?

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Sad Sad Days Over J-land

What a catastrophe! Utterly unbelievable. Still wish it was just a bad dream. Japan was my second home. I lived in Tokyo for a year and in Sendai for three years. Travelled around the country while I was there. Spent … Continue reading

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The Problem If They Succeed

While I admire any people’s movement in exercising its democratic rights, any unprepared and short-sighted future plans would only bring more misery and injustice in the society.  I fear that the anti-government Egyptian protesters would end up like these Nemo-fishes if Mubarak suddenly relinquish … Continue reading

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God Must Really Be Pissed

Remember God’s email to me? Dear Faithful,I’m sorry to say that your nation will not be spared from another threatening typhoon, nor from any other natural calamity for that matter… True enough, some weeks after that email, at least two more … Continue reading

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Hard To Be Funny These Days

It is that time of the year again my friends, when I get that sudden onslaught of profound sadness. Could it be that I have acquired the S.A.D. syndrome after living in the edge of the world in what feels like a millenium?  I’m talking … Continue reading

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God Replied!

I got a forwarded email, apparently addressed to God. Dear GOD, We fervently pray that our nation will be spared from another threatening typhoon. Our suffering people have not recovered from Ondoy’s wrath. Please prevent Pepeng and other typhoons from hitting … Continue reading

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Things We Take For Granted

Just came back from an after work drinks with some colleagues. During the night, I somehow got stucked into talking with Zorav, our newly arrived research fellow from Kurdistan, the autonomous region in northern Iraq. Zorav is a medical doctor sent to our … Continue reading

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Be Happy With Your Job

Some people in other lines of work probably wished they had yours. Here are some forwarded pictures I found in my mail box today. 1. Elephant enema specialist 2. Deodorant testers 3. Stallion semen collector 4. Turd world electrician   … Continue reading

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When The Going Gets Tough

The tough go shopping! Yeah, you must have heard it before. But when I first heard it uttered by a lady friend when I was living in Tokyo gazillions of years ago, I thought the mantra applied only to women. I found out recently that … Continue reading

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