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Sex With A Neanderthal

If you are of European or of Asian ancestry, there is a big chance that your human ancestors from around 50,000-80,000 years ago exchanged genetic material (read: had sex) with neanderthals somewhere in the middle east, before migrating out to … Continue reading

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Art or Pornography?

So I was in Vienna  last week in a yet another post summer conference. One of the perks of such academic events are side activities such as strolling downtown, which in my case inevitably leads to museum visits. A grand Viennese palace called … Continue reading

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Too Big 4 You?

You probably know by now that I’m a news junkie, and that I get my international news from good ol’ BBC. To save time, I usually go straight to the most popular stories section for the day. I knew that the … Continue reading

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Day of the Cinnamon Roll and the Swedish Paradox

Yes, my friends! Today, the 4th of October, is the day when the Swedes celebrate this yummy pastry: It is a pretty new “tradition” in Sweden only officially instituted in 1999 by the Swedish Council of Home Bakeries. Yes, there’s … Continue reading

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On Sex

I wrote about Love and Commitment a few entries back. And when talking about relationship, sex inevitably comes into the picture. You see, I think a lot about sex. I also talk and write a lot about it. Not only … Continue reading

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Izabella Scorupco: Certified MILF!

I first took notice of her in the winter of 2002, wearing nothing but sexy lingeries in huge H&M posters splashed all over Sweden. I was never a Bond fan, and so I had no idea she was the bond … Continue reading

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Sex, Prostitutes in Stations, Fuck Village, Cunt Crackers and the Swedish Language

Ok, the title is quiet misleading as is the subject of this entry which is about some Swedish words that when literally translated to English would mean a lot different. The first one of course is SEX. In Swedish, “sex” … Continue reading

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Gang Bang

There’s some construction going on at my workplace and a temporary pathway (gångbana in swedish)  leading to my building was built. Here is the way out: And here is the way in, after some smart-ass vandalized the sign: No wonder … Continue reading

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Indecent Proposal

Before something totally gets out of hand, I need to confess two things: 1) The Triss lottery ticket  in the previous post was a fake. 2) Corollary to 1), I did not win a million swedish crowns. Here is the … Continue reading

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“Trött på att runka framför datorn.”

Skrev en bussig MSN kontakt till mig som kom till Sverige två månader sen. “Måste fixa en flickvän,” förtsätt han. “Men om du vill bara ha en ligg så behöver den inte vara en flickvän,” skrev jag tillbaka. “Jag vet. Men det kostar. … Continue reading

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