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Sad Sad Days Over J-land

What a catastrophe! Utterly unbelievable. Still wish it was just a bad dream. Japan was my second home. I lived in Tokyo for a year and in Sendai for three years. Travelled around the country while I was there. Spent … Continue reading

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Laugh or Cry?

I honestly don’t know what to make of this picture: Meanwhile, at the other side of town, these dudes are busy plotting schemes to derail the government’s Reproductive Health Bill: Pictures: http://www.inquirer.net

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Rejected Paper and Moonlight Sonata

Great combination! Not.

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Prayer Did Not Work (Again)

Oh, what a fucking surprise! Imagine this: An 11-yr-old girl started showing symptoms of severe weakness, being unable to speak, eat, drink or walk. Her parents, instead of seeking medical help, called upon a prayer congregation, and prayed over the dying child. Can you imagine the suffering of … Continue reading

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Philippine Flood

I had no idea about the extent of the flooding in the Philippines due to a recent typhoon until I read the entries and saw some video clips from this blog, http://barriosiete.com. The blog also took the initiative to collect donations for the … Continue reading

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Things We Take For Granted

Just came back from an after work drinks with some colleagues. During the night, I somehow got stucked into talking with Zorav, our newly arrived research fellow from Kurdistan, the autonomous region in northern Iraq. Zorav is a medical doctor sent to our … Continue reading

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Remembering Marvin (1 of 2)

On Friday the 13th, exactly eleven years ago today, Marvin stepped on a cow dung. He died the next day, on Valentine’s Day. Friends, allow me to reminisce about Marvin. Before I even got introduced to him during the high … Continue reading

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For Sale: Baby Shoes

The poet Ernest Hemingway reportedly claimed that his best work was a story he wrote in just six words. Since I dabble, every now and then, with what I call digital poetry, here is my take on his work: Can … Continue reading

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Faddergalan 2007 In The Philippines

I ‘ve tried (not so) hard to keep this blog merely for self-entertainment or self-aggrandizement or ego-tripping or whatever you might call that shameless act of self-promotion in the cyberspace, but every now and then, I cannot help myself from … Continue reading

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Lille Mogli och Kungsfiskaren

 Here is an attempt to tell a childhood memory in Swedish. När jag var runt sex år gammal, stötte jag på en sårad liten kungsfiskare på vägen hem från skolan. Stackaren sköts på bröstkorgen, antagligen med en luftpistol. Jag plockade den upp, … Continue reading

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