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Remembering Marvin (1 of 2)

On Friday the 13th, exactly eleven years ago today, Marvin stepped on a cow dung. He died the next day, on Valentine’s Day. Friends, allow me to reminisce about Marvin. Before I even got introduced to him during the high … Continue reading

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But I Did Not Ask You To Love Me

You came out of the blue asking for directions. I showed you where it is. I was just being friendly. But I did not ask you to love me. You said you were tired. Got you a cup of tea. … Continue reading

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On Unrequited Love or Peanut Butter?

“Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” -Charlie Brown

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On Love And Commitment

Early this morning, amidst some chirping birds frolicking in frost laden pine trees, I briskly walked through a small park on my way to work. Dry brown leaves, left over from last year’s failed autumn season cracked under my winter … Continue reading

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The Nervous Heart of A Young Man in Love

In my ever shrinking free-time, I dabble with a kind of poetry that is heavily influenced by the use of computer. It is called digital poetry. Here is one, written in Tagalog, entitled “Tibok ng Puso”. English translation follows.   … Continue reading

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Lille Mogli och Kungsfiskaren

 Here is an attempt to tell a childhood memory in Swedish. När jag var runt sex år gammal, stötte jag på en sårad liten kungsfiskare på vägen hem från skolan. Stackaren sköts på bröstkorgen, antagligen med en luftpistol. Jag plockade den upp, … Continue reading

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Teen MOGLI’s First Time. NOT

I dropped by the corridor’s common kitchen to fix myself some tea when I found her unceremoniously cutting a large grapefruit in two. It would be her dinner, she shyly confessed. “No wonder about the killer figure,” with the pout … Continue reading

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