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Rejected Paper and Moonlight Sonata

Great combination! Not.

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Ass Prof

Ok, this has nothing to do with HGG, the kick assprof with 4-body problem, as I’m sure she finds amusement in labeling herself with that academic title. What I’m not sure though is whether the guest researcher which my department invited from abroad would appreciate it. On the door … Continue reading

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Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

This is from p.10 of my PhD thesis: The above figures (and a significant portion of my research) wouldn’t have been possible without the work of this year’s Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry: Source: Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen … Continue reading

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Big Meetings

In the conference I recently attended in Vienna, there were two types of presentations. The poster presentation: And the oral presentation: Notice that the presentation is actually projected in 5 panels! It was a conference with thousands of attendees and … Continue reading

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Things We Take For Granted

Just came back from an after work drinks with some colleagues. During the night, I somehow got stucked into talking with Zorav, our newly arrived research fellow from Kurdistan, the autonomous region in northern Iraq. Zorav is a medical doctor sent to our … Continue reading

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Be Happy With Your Job

Some people in other lines of work probably wished they had yours. Here are some forwarded pictures I found in my mail box today. 1. Elephant enema specialist 2. Deodorant testers 3. Stallion semen collector 4. Turd world electrician   … Continue reading

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Heidelberg = Gothenburg + Lund

Arriving at the Heidelberg train station from Frankfurt during my spring visit to the European Molecular Biology Lab, the first thing I noticed was its resemblance to Gothenburg’s central station. I was even more surprised when I stepped out of the station to see trams … Continue reading

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Huge Difference Between Grams and Weeks

Last week, I requested for some 6 week-olds Rattus norvegicus: Today, our lab technician received pups at 6 grams each:   Who’s got the time to take care of these babies??? Reminds me by the way of that infamous unit confusion which resulted to the crashing of … Continue reading

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The Four Stages of Acceptance

i) this is worthless nonsense;ii) this is an interesting, but perverse, point of view;iii) this is true, but quite unimportant;iv) I always said so. (J.B.S. Haldane, Journal of Genetics #58, 1963,p.464) We recently got our manuscript back after having been reviewed by the three … Continue reading

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EMBL Here I Come!


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