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Sad Sad Days Over J-land

What a catastrophe! Utterly unbelievable. Still wish it was just a bad dream. Japan was my second home. I lived in Tokyo for a year and in Sendai for three years. Travelled around the country while I was there. Spent … Continue reading

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The Problem If They Succeed

While I admire any people’s movement in exercising its democratic rights, any unprepared and short-sighted future plans would only bring more misery and injustice in the society.  I fear that the anti-government Egyptian protesters would end up like these Nemo-fishes if Mubarak suddenly relinquish … Continue reading

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Laugh or Cry?

I honestly don’t know what to make of this picture: Meanwhile, at the other side of town, these dudes are busy plotting schemes to derail the government’s Reproductive Health Bill: Pictures:

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Icelandic Fart

Smartass colleague: Why can’t they just put a lid on that damn volcano? I need to fly this weekend, man! Me: How would you like a cork up your ass when you need to fart? It’s nature’s way, man!

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God Must Really Be Pissed

Remember God’s email to me? Dear Faithful,I’m sorry to say that your nation will not be spared from another threatening typhoon, nor from any other natural calamity for that matter… True enough, some weeks after that email, at least two more … Continue reading

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Despite my claims of immortality and unrivalled moral righteousness, I realized I’m still human after all.  For why hasn’t it bothered me when I saw the bloodied face of Berlusconi in the news yesterday? In fact I felt that kind of happiness … Continue reading

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Philippine Flood

I had no idea about the extent of the flooding in the Philippines due to a recent typhoon until I read the entries and saw some video clips from this blog, The blog also took the initiative to collect donations for the … Continue reading

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Why Oh Why?

What a week it has been! I know it’s utterly tragic and sad but why on my birthday Michael, why???

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Honk Kong

That’s why I never cared about speliing and gramar when wtrintg entries for diz blog. If BBC news can commit such simple miss, why can’t I?

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Intelligent Men = High Quality Sperms

BBC news reports on a recent study published in the journal, Intelligence, about a marginal correlation between intelligence and sperm quality based on data from 425 men who have undergone several intelligence tests and gave semen samples. It may be … Continue reading

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