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Honk Kong

That’s why I never cared about speliing and gramar when wtrintg entries for diz blog. If BBC news can commit such simple miss, why can’t I?

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Intelligent Men = High Quality Sperms

BBC news reports on a recent study published in the journal, Intelligence, about a marginal correlation between intelligence and sperm quality based on data from 425 men who have undergone several intelligence tests and gave semen samples. It may be … Continue reading

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How Eve Would Have Looked Like

Without a belly button, of course! Close up: If the first woman were also as stunning as this Czech supermodel, I cannot blame Adam for biting on her apples. Hell, I wouldn’t mind getting banished from the Garden of Eden with her!  … Continue reading

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Childish Beliefs

It is kind of amazing and scary at the same time how certain things I heard when I was a child still strike me with fear or still make me uneasy. You know those kinds of lies grown ups (usually parents) tell … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Kiss And Say Goodbye

This classic by The Manhattans is supposed to be one real sad song. But why can’t I help laughing watching this video? I want to learn those dance steps! Anybody who can teach me?

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I Need a Strong Hair Conditioner

Like what this dude is using: Pretty strong, huh? I don’t recall any of my entries telling the story why I chose MOGLI as my screen name in this blog. Well first of all, it is supposed to be spelt … Continue reading

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How to Cook Like Gordon Ramsay

“Take two eggs and fuck off!” LOL! Interesting commentary here.

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Social Climbing With The Royals

This year’s Nobel Prize Awarding Ceremony was held yesterday with the usual fanfare at the Stockholm Concert Hall. Speeches were made on behalf of the recipients, summarizing their work and showering them with accolades, followed by awarding of diplomas and … Continue reading

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Lie, For Your Tooth’s Sake!!!

Today’s amusing newsclip from Sweden, brought to you by PunktSE, is about a man who got punched in the face for guessing the wrong age of a woman he met in a bar. I saw this in Metro the other … Continue reading

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MOGLI’s Celebrity Look-Alike

Inspired by the post of one of my favourite Metroblogger’s around here, Crackgrrl, I decided to try this Celebrity look-alike thing which has spawned the blogs and profiles of many citizens of the cyberspace. It takes a great deal of … Continue reading

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