Good and Bad News

A new IT enterpreneur took over Metrobloggen’s blog portal.

The Good News is that this blog is going to be advertisement-free (at least for now) and is now powered by WordPress.

The Bad News is that many old comments, those posted earlier than may 2010 has not been transferred (yet). The sidelinks also disappeared and couldn’t be moved properly, hence the current state. The latest post about Origami for Japan also disappeared without a trace.

Anyway, the blog portal’s new owner/administrator was kind enough to provide me with the links to old Mogli blog. I hope I find the time to re-do all the sidelinks.

I hope to reinvigorate this blog from now on.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

About metromogli

MOGLi - A Brown in the Land of the Blues and Blondes
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