Sad Sad Days Over J-land

What a catastrophe! Utterly unbelievable. Still wish it was just a bad dream.

Japan was my second home. I lived in Tokyo for a year and in Sendai for three years. Travelled around the country while I was there. Spent some weeks with a Japanese host family in Hokkaido. Visited friends in Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Sapporo. Bungee-jumped in some hanging bridge in Fukushima. Hiked up Fuji-san. Learned to ski in Nagano. And most of all met wonderful people not only locally but also from all over the world.

The places I’ve been in Japan are among my happiest places. When I have trouble sleeping at night, I just think of the good times I have there. I remember in particular a group of small islands just outside Sendai city at Matshushima bay. I can’t remember how many times I have visited the place. Just thinking about it gives a very calming effect on me.

I am still in a state of denial. Though I’m glued on BBC and follows closely the aftermath live on a streaming Japanese channel since Friday, my mind still refuses to accept that my happy places have been ravaged by nature. I have already heard from some of my friends and acquaintances who are still there and I’m just relieved that they are coping well despite tough circumstances. I just wish I could be of help.

I am really filled with sorrow as I am writing this. I can’t fathom the destruction, the thousands of lives lost. The people, the places,,,I never imagined I developed the connection. I did not realize until now that I have a strong bond with them. Seeing what they are going through is literally breaking my heart.

But I know that they will prevail. Their resilience and perseverance are time-tested. If there’s anyone in the world capable of rising from such magnitude of devastation, it is them. I just hope that they recover very soon.

My heart and thoughts are with the Japanese people.

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