The Problem If They Succeed

While I admire any people’s movement in exercising its democratic rights, any unprepared and short-sighted future plans would only bring more misery and injustice in the society. 

I fear that the anti-government Egyptian protesters would end up like these Nemo-fishes if Mubarak suddenly relinquish his grip.

Perplexed and mumbling, “Now, what?”

The problem is not power vacuum. Thermodynamic laws will see to it that it is gonna be filled. The problem is when the people suddenly finds itself under the grip of forces more sinister than the previous one. 

Indeed, the irony with democracy is when the people choose to empower, unwittingly or not, forces with undemocratic ideals.

Like the aquarium, I think Mubarak is a necessary evil. At least for now. 

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