Police Sketch

This sketch of a car (?) was released by a police station from some obscure village in Norway. According to the witness, this suspicious-looking car was seen at the place where an old woman was murdered.


Since the wheels are missing, it’s possible that this car was travelling on two feet of snow when the witness spotted it. The form kind of reminds you of a modern race car but the rear side (i think that’s what the bottom drawing is) somehow resembles that of a 60’s thunderbird. Well I hope they find this car. In the meantime, the Swedes are feasting over this norwegian sketch as a laughing matter.   

This reminds me of this sketch of a suspect from the Bolivian police sometime last year:

This was aired on their national TV news and believe it or not, the police claimed later that they successfully caught this person. Well, I guess if you look like the sketch above, with no ears, peculiar hair-do and all that, it will be very, very hard not to recognize you.    

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