Lost My Gloves


While the rest of Europe is trying to cope with the chaos brought about by the unusually snowy and chilly winter, I am still trying to get over the pair of gloves I seemed to have dropped/misplaced somewhere just this morning. 

I blame my early morning schedule for this frivolous event as I was still technically sleeping (my brain scans would definitely show REM at that time) while getting off the bus. Yes, I am now a morning person and not the night owl I once used to be three centuries ago. Nowadays, I’d get up at 5:00 A.M., take the bus to work at 05:55 and be at the lab bench by 6:30 AM or so.

Why start early? It is simply because I’m getting older and perhaps becoming more ambitious. Besides, I estimated from this old post that if you’d live up to 80 years, and assuming complete independence of mind by the time you’re 15 yrs old, you’ll probably spend 20 yrs asleep of the remaining 65 years of being a mature individual (who is supposed to be contributing something good for the human race instead of just lying immobilized on the bed sleeping). Ok, forget about your duty to society, but just think about all that time you’d spend sleeping. That’s a lot of blogging hours! LOL!  

Now going back to my lost pair of gloves, it is not even a month old and I hope that the person who finds them would experience the same warmth, comfort and tenderness they gave me. Wow, talking about taking things for granted. Never ever take things for granted, people, even smelly gloves.  

Man, I already miss my gloves.   

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2 Responses to Lost My Gloves

  1. Smek this! says:

    I know precisely how you feel! I lost my scarf in Stockholm two years ago. Before that it was an ordinary scarf, now it seems to have been the one and only for me, LOL! Replacements never catch that authentic feel of happiness my original scarf gave me. The world just isn’t fair.

  2. mogLi says:

    @ST: Exactly. What was annoying was that I spent a fortune on that; it was a customized batman gloves. Now I have to fight evil people with my bare knuckles. LOL!

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