Hard To Be Funny These Days

It is that time of the year again my friends, when I get that sudden onslaught of profound sadness. Could it be that I have acquired the S.A.D. syndrome after living in the edge of the world in what feels like a millenium? 

I’m talking about that Seasonal Affective Syndrome characterised by depressive symptoms most especially in the winter time. Apparently, the incidence of this depressive episode is quite high in the nordic countries. Obviously, it has something to do with the weather at this time of the year: rainy, cloudy, windy, chilly and dark. 

And not to mention all these sad news from all parts of the world. The continuing financial crisis, H1N1 virus, senseless killings, deforestation of rainforests, people so obsessed with their Iphones fiercely defending its shortcomings like they invented that crappy thing, and the fact that Sarah Palin’s memoir is topping the US bestseller chart. So fucking depressing, especially the last item. Why can’t everyone read Noam Chomsky instead, or Sam Harris, or Richard Dawkins? Why?

Luckily, I have devised a way to momentarily cheer myself up when I get into this sad mood. When in the lab, I go to the room where we put the packagings of the stuffs we use. Then I cut out some of those protective plastic bubbles wrappings, put them in the pockets of my lab coat and pop them out to my heart’s content.      

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6 Responses to Hard To Be Funny These Days

  1. hgg says:

    Get some daylight in the middle of the day when the sun is as powerful as it gets these days. 10-15 minutes usually does the trick for me when I’m SAD [but the bubble wrapping is fun too!]

  2. mogLi says:

    @hgg:great tip! a walk around the nearby park after lunch should do the trick! shall i bring with me some bubble wraps then?

  3. Raggoparden says:

    Ahhh..november! Guess why the swedes invented glögg?(long time no seen! 🙂

  4. mogLi says:

    @Raggoparden: men,,hej!!! yep, i forgot. glögg must be the proper antidote for S.A.D.

  5. Smek this! says:

    Vitamin D in blood is better than D in love 🙂 You better have some! I had already, don’t ask which, LOL!

  6. MOGLI says:

    @ST: I am getting a lot of vitamin B for Beer!

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