Like Halley’s Comet

My posting habit in this blog certainly resembles the Halley’s comet. It drops by every 75 years or so.

According to calculations, the next earth “fly-by” of  the Halley’s comet would be on the 28th of July 2061. I’d be 521 yrs old by then. LOL!

Here is a sketch of the 1910 passage of Halley’s comet by E.S. Green, from the U.S. Library of Congress:


As with many other unexplained natural phenomena, comets have spawned countless lores and superstitions. In a not so distant past, wars, famines, plagues and practically all ills of society have been blamed on such heavenly apparitions. Indeed, quacks and priests alike were only pleased to see comets as messages from God, a powerful tool to subjugate and control believers. And what better way to control people by fear! Thus the the rare appearances of these fascinating heavenly bodies were always interpreted as sign of impending doom.

Today we know much better. We know that comets are but objects in the sky made up of some frozen gases, ice and rock. Nowadays no rational being fears the passing of a comet anymore, in the same way as our forefathers trembled in fear with the appearance of inexplicable objects. But I’m damn sure that had the next Halley’s comet fly by happens on 2012, coinciding with the alleged end of civilization (because some ancient Mayan calendar ran out of date), many will become hysterical and perhaps commit mass suicide. 

Ignorance is the parent of fear, wrote Herman Melville in his novel Moby Dick. Couldn’t agree more.     

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