Peace Man!

Wow, doesn’t this dude got everything now, or what???


Had he been a catholic, the Vatican would have had canonized him while still alive! LOL!

I think when I grow up, I’d want to be just like him.

Kidding aside, I hope this prize would give him extra moral authority and the impetus in leading the world in addressing the many questions plaguing the world today, such as issues in international diplomacy, world economy and environmental questions.

Of course, I don’t believe in the idea of a saviour, of a single individual that can save the planet and the whole of humanity, but it is going to be much easier to do the right thing when such a leading figure is in place.


There is a lingering question though that is in everyone’s lips. Does he deserve it? My answer is it doesn’t matter. The question is moot and academic anyway. The committee will never reverse their decision.

That gesture of friendship and openness he offered to the muslim world, the pushing the “reset” button with the Russians (with the US withdrawing the planned missile shield in Europe), the diplomatic progress with both Iran and North Korea, the willingness to lead the world in issues pertaining climate change,,,and not to mention the domestic issues he had to deal within the US such as the total revamp of their rotten health care system, which world leader is capable of doing that within a few months in office?  

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