Autumn Look

À la MJ.

Talk about NOT caring about fashion.

Well, at least I did not hurt my big head trying to fit that hat. LOL!

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8 Responses to Autumn Look

  1. Babeswede says:

    Najs! 😉 Var du på HM?

  2. mogLi says:

    @Babeswede: Oh no! H&M is too proletariat for my taste! HAHAHA! Just kidding. I like H&M. But picture was taken at a French Connection store at the Canary Wharf in east LDN. Bought the jacket but not the hat. Shoes are Le coq sportif from an obscure store somewhere in Göteborg, just in case you are interested. LOL!

  3. Smek this! says:

    Quite stylish! But too Miami Vice for me, LOL!

  4. bbbbb says:

    hej mogli! vi älskar dej! 😉

  5. mogLi says:

    @bbbbb: vi? jag älskar er också! men, jag klarar inte fler än två. LOL!@Smek this: hehehe…miami vice…the epitome of men’s 80s fashion

  6. k says:

    Mogli,I hope you’re not thinking of getting plastic surgery after your MJ fashion makeover…LOL!Kidding aside,you look cool! Astig….

  7. MOGLI says:

    @K: Well, I would probably would like to enlarge my ears…as people always notice how small my ears are. But you know, I think it is really just an optical illusion because of my huge head. LOL!

  8. k says:

    Never heard of ear enlargement surgery but I guess everything is possible in this day and age. Huge head? You know what they say when you have a huge head,right?LOL!

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