Summer Izz Gone

Well, almost.

Weather reports say this would be the last week of summer time before complete transition to autumn. But who trusts weather reports anyway? In the last few weeks, the weather forecast had been either rain or shine almost everyday. In the weather section of dailies, both pictures of the sun and rainy clouds are depicted in small thumbnails. It’s almost like tossing a coin. Heads up for sun, tails for rain. Stop financing the weather department and just distribute weather coins made of tin cans to people. In this uncertain times, this will save the government loads of money. So, what’s the chance of rain today? Flip your coin, dummy! LOL! 

Despite the erratic weather predictions, this year’s summer season has particularly been kind to Sweden. A little bit of rain, a little bit of sun. A little bit of warmth, a little bit of chill. Sometimes still, sometimes windy.

One day it was zunny and drizzling at the same time, which brought interezting childhood memories. We say back home in the Pelepens, that it is during this time when a particular kind of mythical creature, called Tikbalang, ties the knot. These are half-horse, half-human creatures who live in the forest scaring the shit out of people and leading hikers astray. Interestingly, you can counter its powers by wearing your shirt inside out. To this date, I couldn’t come up with an explanation how the fuck could wearing your shirt inside out from getting you lost in the jungles. A compass would have been better, doncha think? Here is a picture of a tikbalang:


Now, why would these fuckers would want to get married when the skies is clear and it is raining at the same time? I absolutely have no fucking idea. But is it because marriage is one of those things people do when they think they are absolutely certain what they are putting themselves into, when in fact the whole state of things is as uncertain as the weather? 

Would you want to marry a tikbalang? LOL.     

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1 Response to Summer Izz Gone

  1. Smek this! says:

    By the looks of it, it’s not a dick-balang, LOL! Interesting story anyway, and we all seem to have our own weird beliefs in our homelands…

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