Wolframize It!

In a week’s time, Wolfram|Alpha will be launched on the web:

Yet another search engine you might say.

If you Google, “uncle’s uncle’s niece’s grandfather,” you will most likely get something like this:

But if you “wolframize” the same phrase, Wolfram|Alpha will perform an intelligent analysis of your search, and will give you something like this:

Now I am one of those few select individuals who has got early access to this “computational knowledge engine.” Oh I’m so special! LOL!

Unlike Google, Wolfram|Alpha doesn’t just take fragmentary things that are explicitly written down in the web. When you search in Google, it spits back to you whatever it finds out there. Wolfram|Alpha takes information retrieval to another level. It basically asks, “what can we compute about the world?” It makes intelligent guess about your query and tries to give you an intelligent answer.

If I wolframize “Philippines, Sweden”, I get instant comparison of these two countries:

If I want to know the cholesterol level of a 30 yr old smoker, I get some distribution:

And if I just type in some random data points, I get graphs and statistics:

Or if I want to know the latest tradings of Google and Apple:

And if I wolframize my URL:

Amazing isn’t it?

So do you want me to wolframize something for you before its official release?

Bring it on! LOL!

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