Salzburg Sidetrip

Before I post the concluding part of the reminiscing-Marvin post, let me first show you some (cellphone) pictures from my recent trip to Salzburg.

If you are resourceful enough, you should be able to see my reflection on this wine glass with an exquisite pinot noir:

After eating a typical Austrian schnitzel, a cup of coffee kept me company for the rest of the evening:

Didn’t I mention before that I have this affinity for solitude? Yep, you must have noticed the empty chair in front of me. In fact I was all alone in that little place well hidden away from Mozart-loving tourists of Salzburg. 

I was taken by surprise though when I visited the restroom and was met by this local girl:

Yes, she’s one of them adorning the bathroom walls of the men’s urinals:

Makes me curious what do they have in the ladies’ room!

Anyways, my final destination was actually not Salzburg but Grödig, a sleepy town just a few kilometers away:

It was snowing a lot but I had the most fantastic walk along this river:

The snow was this thick:

But the view was breathtaking to say the least:

Then I was back to dark, rainy and chilly Sweden again:

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5 Responses to Salzburg Sidetrip

  1. Smek this! says:

    Beautiful pictures I must say! BTW, what were you having a camera with in a toilet for? LOL!

  2. mogli says:

    @Smek: Thanks for the nice comment as usual. You missed it in the text…it was my cellphone camera man! I’m satisfied with the pics though my SonyEricsson walkman phone has only 2 megapixels.

  3. mae says:

    nice blog, as usual :)and you have to commend me for being able to post in this thing

  4. Smek this! says:

    Yes, I forgot it on purpose, for the sake of the joke of course. Still, good pictures, even those that taken indoors. SE has surprised me totally now, LOL!

  5. mogli says:

    @mae: yes i’m impressed indeed! well done! hehehe.@Smek this: Read from the papers that SE has an upcoming camera phone named Idou with a whopping 12.1 megapixels!

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