Yet Another Common Denominator

A few days ago, I saw this news on BBC about a goat suspected to be a car thief. The nigerian police took the poor thing in custody after a vigilante group arrested the goat.

 I thought the above news could have come from my hometown in the Philippines where MOST people believe in the same kind of shit. Indeed while browsing the national paper back home, I came across this one:

If you remember in an earlier entry I tried to correlate Corruption and Non-secularism. That is, the more non-secular the society is, the more corrupt it tends to be. As I pointed out in the same entry, there must be an abundance of non-critical minds in non-secular societies. I really would like to avoid equating non-critical mindedness to stupidity but the two news above seemed to point to that direction.

At least the Nigerians can rejoice to the fact that they placed higher than the Filipinos in the 2008 Corruption Perception Index list, where the former ranked at #121 compared to the latter’s #141 out of 180 countries.

By the way, if I had the power to morph myself to some animal form, I’d perhaps choose to be anything else but a goat. And definitely not a sheep either. I mean can you imagine what your prison mates would do to you if you were in those animal forms??? Que horror!

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2 Responses to Yet Another Common Denominator

  1. Anonymous says:

    hahaha. i recall a joke about a filipino farmer who raised his hand to the question “does anyone here had sex with a ghost?” mistaking the ghost for a goat. LOL. i read ur previous post about the nonsecularism in the third world. marx has been suspecting it all along — religion is the opiate of the masses. i was a conservative catholic before, then an atheist, then an agnostic. i think being agnostic is safer than either. it is safe from the illogical extremism of both atheism and deism.’s nice to have people around who think alike. naks. brod, go back to our great and glorious nation — anyway, just google it and you can’t help feeling nauseated at the shamelessly corrupt fellow filipinos corrupting every femtosecond. mga putang ina nila!!!

  2. Smek this! says:

    Indeed, when we think that people know so much about everything in 2009, we tend to forget that information is not available everywhere. Some people may live like it was the year 1800-something. Equality doesn’t apply to all in all its forms, sadly.

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