Boring Sweden

Well, at least geologically speaking.

An earthquake of magnitude 4.7 in the Richter Scale occurred in the southern part of Sweden yesterday morning. It was such a rare event that it was the “talk of the town” for the whole of yesterday and even today. One can read in swedish dailies, both online and in print, the “funny” and interesting reactions of many Swedes. Many were really excited to have felt it, sharing fantastic imaginings about the cause of the tremour. Some were very disappointed for not having felt it. Well, I can understand since they might never experience it again in their lifetime. The last time an earthquake with such a magnitude happened in Sweden was more than a hundred years ago!

I heard in the radio that more than 1000 people called the alarm central (the 911 equivalent) just to ask what was going on. Normally, the alarm central gets only 50-60 calls in a regular day. Well the funny thing was that the people taking the calls didn’t also have a clue. It’s like someone calls you up and ask, “My house is shaking, what the hell is going on???”

Anyways, when I was in high school some five hundred years ago,,,LOL, there was this huge earthquake back home. We were in the gym school and there was this event and practically everyone was in there. The school principal was delivering a speech on the stage when suddenly the ground started to shake. It was that kind of shaking that can throw you off balance. Everyone knew right away that it was a huge earthquake. The principal then announced on the mic, “Please don’t panic, don’t panic,,,don’t panic…” and then upon seeing the whole gym structure swayed sidewards, he just ran and dashed through the backstage. Well, by the time everyone was out, the earthquake was over. Then came the aftershocks, and we had to sit on the open ground for like an hour or so. Fortunately it was “only” magnitude 6 in my place and there was no serious structural damage nor casualties. But many people died in areas close to the epicentre. They had something like magnitude of 8 there.  

Sweden is really blessed when it comes to its geological features. It sits on intact continental shelf and there’s no volcanic activity here at all, as far as I know. Yesterday’s earthquake was really an anomaly. Even the weather here, despite the terrible winter chills, is nothing compared to typhoons or hurricanes that visit the countries lining up the pacific ocean. In short, there are no serious natural calamities that regularly happen in this country. So you can’t blame me if I claim that Sweden is such a boring place. 

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5 Responses to Boring Sweden

  1. reyna elena says:

    you’re there, you’re their excitement hehehe!

  2. got a question and it has nothing to do with boredom, welfare state, clinical depression, winter, Scandinavian stereotypes, and the associations among them thereof. :-)Is flu common in Sweden? A very mainstream American scientist has claimed flu shots are useless, sortof; concluded that flu in winter is correlated with depressed levels of Vitamin D! :-)I’m actually recommending vitamin D to my patients against flu — as therapy and preventive measure. Merry Xmas, tol!

  3. reyna elena says:

    just wishing you the best of the holidays! merry christmas!

  4. Hey you, Haven’t been here awhile eh? Thought I’d just pop in to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!Cheryl

  5. cheh says:

    nag bz bzihan ka din:) Ingat na lang;)

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