Intelligent Men = High Quality Sperms

BBC news reports on a recent study published in the journal, Intelligence, about a marginal correlation between intelligence and sperm quality based on data from 425 men who have undergone several intelligence tests and gave semen samples.

It may be so. But unless they could provide figures about how many offsprings these men with high quality sperms actually sired,  the result is in fact, “moot and academic” in terms of the propagation of the species. In simple terms, it is useless. For what good is the sperm if it is not involved in any fertilization process? What is the correlation between intelligence and lack of social skills? I’m talking here about über-geeks who’d spend the whole evening in front of their computer screens while spilling those high quality jizz all over the place. The probability of them passing their intelligence to the next generation is null. While a dumb-ass fellow, partying and fooling with the girls all night long would have a chance, though minimal is infinitesimally greater than the geek, in propagating his stupid genes. That’s why planet Earth will never get rid of dumbasses.

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4 Responses to Intelligent Men = High Quality Sperms

  1. Smek this! says:

    You’re so right. And many girls want a neanderthal man instead of a nerd. I can’t blame them 🙂 That’s something that can’t be explained by wise theories.

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