Problem Solved For Volvo And Saab Cars

These two swedish-brand cars are in danger of becoming extinct, unless their owners, Ford (Volvo) and GM (Saab) find suitable buyers who have production capacities that will be profitable in the long run. As for Volvo, rumours had it that some chinese car makers are interested.

Well, they need not look too far! It is well-known here in Sweden the brand of most sold car. At a rate of producing almost 100 cars per second, the number of cars which has left the factory so far at the time of this writing stands at a whopping close to 1.3 billion cars!

Check out their counter:

It says, “Just now, ####### cars leaving the factory.”


Well the only problem is that these cars are made of marshmallows and are sold by the bag.

Here is a close-up, based upon a Volvo V70:

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8 Responses to Problem Solved For Volvo And Saab Cars

  1. Smek this! says:

    Man, you’re gone soft, ha-ha!

  2. Najnaah says:

    Ååh tack:D Självklart ska jag visa när den är bränd och så^^ :)Ha en fin dag:D

  3. maluca says:

    Wine in box, take away food in box; why not cars in a bag… // maluca

  4. cheh says:

    hahaha love those snail version eh mas colourful lolMy kids are crazy about gum bears,btw

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