Two and half Men and Dirty Jobs and Sex (again)

There are only two shows that I watch on TV these days.

The first one is 2 and ½ Men:

And the other one is Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs:

The scripts and storylines in the former can be somewhat sexist and politically incorrect most of the times, but I think it is necessary to satirize most men’s behaviour.

The latter, while largely unscripted, is surprisingly humorous, thanks to the brilliant spontaneity of the host throwing out funny one liners all over.  

As Smek recently posted in his blog as well, 2 and ½ Men is shown in Kanal Sex (that is Channel 6 in Swedish). Sex and six are spelt the same here. And this I think is the main reason why this channel has programs customised to men.

By the way, some years ago, an email from a swedish female bank employee was forwarded all over the scandinavian countries. It was accidentally sent out to people who were not supposed to receive it. The email subject went like “Jag har haft sex på jobbet!”, without any message. Now, it could either mean she had sex on the job or she had six on the job. As the email spread out like wildfire, the bank director had to intervene and explain that the bank has some sort of bonus system wherein employees who attained a specific quota in selling insurance get a huge commission. How many was the quota? You guessed right! It was seven. Haha.

Of course, many people, just like me refused to believe the bank director’s explanation. As the principle of Occam’s Razor states, the most favourable explanation is always the simplest one.   

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2 Responses to Two and half Men and Dirty Jobs and Sex (again)

  1. Smek this! says:

    2½ men shows how shallow Americans are, LOL! Actually, these sitcoms are the reason why they are thought to be shallow. Don’t believe everything you see on tv (Even Dirty jobs isn’t that reliable source)! Americans wouldn’t like those sitcoms if they weren’t funny to them too. Surely they don’t think they’d be laughing at themselves. We should need an American to comment on this… Hairy?BTW, congrats on good taste when it comes to sitcoms 😉

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