But I Did Not Ask You To Love Me

You came out of the blue asking for directions.
I showed you where it is.
I was just being friendly.
But I did not ask you to love me.

You said you were tired.
Got you a cup of tea.
I was just being nice.
But I did not ask you to love me.

You said you felt a little lonely these days.
I cracked a joke and cheered you up.
I was just being sympathetic.
But I did not ask you to love me.

So why did you need to fall for me?
I was just being me.
I wanted us to be close.
But I did not ask you to love me.

Yep, my friends, it is the time of the year again when the poet in mogLi goes out of his shell. Anyways, aside from some recent events, I was inspired to write this poem after I finished reading Miranda July’s No One Belongs Here More Than You, a collection of short stories.

Addendum: Before Smek comments any further, the poem has nothing to do with Gustav! Hahaha!

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11 Responses to But I Did Not Ask You To Love Me

  1. Smek this! says:

    A nice poem from a sweet innocent’s point of view, LOL! I’m still imprisoned by rhymes myself. I could compose your poem, but because of legal trouble it would cause I’d better not. And you were doing music as well? As I read it, it has a clear 3/4 time feel. Maybe I should do something alike as well. If I only were up to it…

    • MOGLI says:

      3/4 beats it is! Imagine plucking the guitar strings at Bm-G-D-A in that chord pattern. Mushy!!! Be my guest and re-write the whole thing!

  2. Smek this! says:

    Ok, I just might do that 🙂 I may even use your chord pattern for starters. The first-ever Mogli-Smek ballad, LOL! Damn, I missed the opportunity to bring Gustav to the front again 🙂

    • MOGLI says:

      The Ballad of Smek and Mogli…hahaha! I changed my mind. The chord pattern sounds too mellow and mushy. Regarding Gustav, that’s what you call “pre-emptive strike” a la Bush.

  3. cheh says:

    Ganda! Ey Mogs,keep it coming! wish I have such talent,too.Ewan ko ba,tuwing nag a attempt akong magcompose ng tula namamaligno ako hehe

  4. Beautiful poem! You could´ve been that guy I fell in love with, he did not ask me to love him – but I did it anyway.

    • MOGLI says:

      Thanks! An old saying goes, it’s better to have loved and lost than have never loved at all. If there’s any consolation in unrequited love, it is the knowledge that you gave it all, so there’ll be no regrets when you look back.

  5. Smek this! says:

    You’re right, let’s bury the thought. We don’t want Gus to get jealous, do we? LOL!

  6. Thanks for your words but I’m not sure if I tried hard to 100% because by that time it was fresh I even was unsure about my own feelings, I wasn’t sure if I really was in love, if I should take it a step further and “give more of me” or wait and see… I kind of waited. Too bad we didn’t had such good communication which is the essence of a relationship, but perhaps we just didn’t fit together – even if we from several aspects were completely right for each other. I must have messed it up, but he didn’t acted so gentle anyway, I think he first only wanted my body, and because of the fact we barely could communicate made it worse. I think he made it on purpose so that he wouldn´t start liking me and get hurt or something, because otherwise, if he truely wanted to GET TO KNOW ME FOR REAL He would´ve talked more and kissed less… at least in the beginning.Now I’m sad because I won’t experience what could’ve happen, perhaps he could’ve been the first great love of my life. But now I see he never had feelings for me, at least not which he showed so much, cause his EX stole his heart, I think he loves her STILL even if it’s been a halfyear since they were together. And now it feels too late for me and him anyway, cause we haven’t spoken since august. Somewhere inside of me there’s still a small hope, but that ‘candlelight’ blows out more and more by each day that goes. I don’t even know if I loved and lost, it kind of never developed so deep, even if it did so inside of me, but he probably only saw us as a… “making out-couple” or something. So my feelings weren’t answered/feedbacked´… but I don’t think he knows I like him so much either and he must think I’ve moved on a long time ago because I haven’t told him about what I feel, I don’t dare since I understand that his silance/ignorance shows that he’s not interested enough, but I still think about him: every day and every night.

    • MOGLI says:

      You hit it right on about the communication thing. It is absolutely the essence of any relationship, as you said. This lack of communication probably made you assume things about the two of you. You see, assumption is the mother of all fuckers. Excuse the language, but it is the hard truth. Unless things have been clear from the very beginning, one should never assume,lest one would just get very disappointed. Big time. Perhaps as you said he was not really interested in getting to know you for real. You could’ve asked him in the beginning. But people, not only guys, can be mean, and are very capable of hurting other people, sometimes without even knowing it. The fact that he is back with the ex meant that he just took advantage of you, and used you to cover his insecurities about having lost the ex. It is easy for me now to tell you to forget about this guy and move on. Sure this is what you’ve been trying to do all these times. I suggest that you try to focus all your energy on some other things. Like on your studies or gym training. It can be anything where you have a clear goal in mind.

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