Imagine a World Without Filipinos

So goes the title of this column in an english language daily based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

While I commend the columnist for such a very flattering write up about the Filipino people, I am also amused about his ignorance on two assertions, as the humourist DocMeloinks noted in the following statement:

“The Philippines, which you can barely see on the map, is a very effective country thanks to its people.” 

1. I don’t know which map he is talking about.
2. I am not really sure which country he is referring to in the latter part of the sentence.

Anyways, the column reminded me of two course mates I had in the grad school. Two girls, one from Italy and another one from Finland. 

You know the very first thing they told me at the start of the classes when they learned that I’m from the Philippines? That they both had Filipina nannies.

So I replied, “Really? Me too! So how were they?”

“Well, they were the best nannies ever!”

“Oh I’m so proud of my compatriots! You guys fancy a threesome?”

“You bet!”

And off we went to the university library.

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5 Responses to Imagine a World Without Filipinos

  1. Smek This! says:

    All I can say is that Filipinos seem like funny people. I don’t understand the language, but in your comment section I can read their comments with a lot of he-he’s and ha-ha’s. Please tell me that those are signs of laughter.

    • MOGLI says:

      Yes, those he-he and ha-has are signs of laughter. I can guarantee you that we are a funny people who likes making fun of everything!

  2. the philippine daily idiot says:

    HOLY THREE WAYS, BATMAN! Hahahahaha! LOL. i thought a hehehe is universal enough. Hi, Smek This. 🙂

  3. btw, gotta agree with joie. you’re spelling words the european way. 🙂

  4. MOGLI says:

    @the PDI: yep, holy guacamole! it was a threesome, we took turns… in reading papers. LOL! i find the british way of spelling pretty snobbish and not so known to many who are used to the american way of spelling. so i’m sticking to it just to annoy people. hehehe!

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