Let’s Just Kiss And Say Goodbye

This classic by The Manhattans is supposed to be one real sad song.

But why can’t I help laughing watching this video?

I want to learn those dance steps! Anybody who can teach me?

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12 Responses to Let’s Just Kiss And Say Goodbye

  1. Smek this! says:

    Sorry man, everyone who knew those steps have become distinct, LOL! You just have to lay back and watch this clip over, over and over again…

    • MOGLI says:

      yep, the steps seem not to be that difficult to learn. it is the timing of the pauses that’s quite hard.(i did try!) LOL!

  2. Smek this! says:

    replace distinct with extinct 😉

  3. maluca says:

    Oi amigo!!! So yo’re back!!! Me 2… I?l teach you dancing 🙂 // maluca

  4. reyna elena says:

    hmpt! grrr! why can’t people just kiss? hahaha! KISS LANG! or goodbye for a moment pero babalik in a moment!my ex was singing this darn thing to me nung nilayasan ako grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  5. Beng says:

    Hi Mogli, gusto ko sanang makitawa sa yo kaya lang ayaw magload ng video. Hmmmpft, mukhang ayaw ata saken.

    • MOGLI says:

      try the vid next time,,,or look for similar a title sa youtube. sayang kung di mo makita ito. maaaliw ka talaga. pramis!

  6. hahaha. da best! time was simpler. so were the dance steps. the songs aslo had a tune.

  7. MOGLI says:

    @the PDI: Indeed! And men can wear tights and still look cool.

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